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What Are Immediate Placement Dental Implants?

Apr 27, 2014 @ 09:00 AM — by markplatt
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Dental implants provide patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth with a precious second chance at having excellent oral health. No other method of replacing missing teeth has proven as durable, functional, or lifelike. Beyond question, implant-supported restorations are the next best thing to having a mouth full of strong, healthy natural teeth.

For some patients, the only real drawback to dental implants is the osseointegration process, or the process through which the titanium dental implant posts fuse with the jawbone, which generally requires between four and six months. Although most of these patients feel that the wait is completely worthwhile for the life-changing benefits that dental implants have to offer, it is still a considerable expanse of time. For select candidates, however, it may be possible to avoid the osseointegration period and have restorations immediately attached to the implants after they have been placed.

At Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates in Montgomery, immediate placement dental implants are available to suitable candidates. While candidacy for these implants is somewhat limited, those who do qualify can leave our office on the day of their implant placement surgery with a full set of functional, natural-looking teeth. Each experienced oral surgeon at our practice is devoted to providing the safest, most effective dental treatment possible, which means carefully screening patients to determine the course of treatment best suited to their cases. If immediate placement dental implants are not a viable option, then we recommend that our patients undergo traditional dental implant surgery.

What Are Immediate Placement Dental Implants?

Immediate placement dental implants are implants to which restorations - custom-crafted dental crowns, bridges, or dentures - can be attached on the same day that they are surgically placed into the jaw. This cuts down significantly on treatment time, as there is no need to wait for the jawbone to heal around the implants before the restorations can be placed. Unfortunately, this is not the best option for all patients. While immediate placement may seem like a convenient short cut, it isn’t actually a short cut at all. It’s simply an option for certain patients that is not available to all patients. We will never compromise quality or safety to reduce treatment time or expense; therefore, we are very careful in determining which patients we allow to be fitted with immediate placement dental implants.

Candidacy for Immediate Placement Dental Implants

All dental implant placement requires careful, strategic planning to ensure success. This is particularly true of immediate placement dental implants, as these implants must be placed at precise angles in sites where bone mass is optimal. This, of course, depends on there being sufficient bone mass, which is not a given with patients who are missing teeth. Patients who do not have optimal bone mass will have to, in the best case scenario, wait for osseointegration to occur before the placement of their restorations. In the worst case scenario - which still ultimately results in vastly improved oral health - patients have to undergo a bone grafting procedure before the placement of the implants, followed by the osseointegration period. In the end, we will recommend the course of treatment most likely to yield the best possible results.

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