Learn More about the Long-term Benefits of Dental Implants

Smiling woman in a pink topA compromised smile takes a significant toll on your quality of life. Missing teeth can keep you from enjoying your favorite foods, and make it difficult to speak and smile with confidence. Dental implants are small titanium posts embedded into the jaw to create a stable base for a restoration like a dental crown or dentures. They are widely recognized as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Implants not only restore function and aesthetics, but can also help you maintain valuable bone mass in your jaw. If you have lost teeth, or require extractions, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the long-term benefits of dental implants during a consultation at our Montgomery practice. Schedule an appointment with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates today. 

Maintaining the Jaw

Dental implants guard against a serious health concern related to missing teeth: bone loss. In the absence of tooth roots, the body will begin to resorb bone cells from the jaw, resulting in atrophy, or shrinkage. However, dental implants can effectively halt this process, making them an incredible investment in your long-term oral health.

Fully Restored Functionality

Dental implants are especially beneficial for those who wear dentures. Traditional dentures are secured into place with a mild adhesive, but remain prone to slippage when eating or speaking. Implant-retained dentures, on the other hand, remain firmly in place. With dental implants, you can bite into a crisp apple or corn on the cob without a second thought, knowing your dentures will function just as well as natural teeth. The ability to fully enjoy your meals, as well as the ability to laugh, speak, and smile with complete confidence, make dental implants an outstanding investment in your quality of life. 

Maximizing Your Treatment Benefits

Our surgeons have years of experience performing implant surgery, and compared to general dentists, they have undergone at least six years of additional surgical training. Our high level of skill and experience ensures that you will be able to enjoy the greatest benefit from your implants. By combining expert care with genuine compassion, we treat our patients to the very highest quality of care.

A Long-lasting Restorative Solution

Once dental implants have fully fused to the jawbone, and have been fitted with a permanent restoration, you can care for them just like your natural teeth. With proper hygiene, regularly scheduled cleanings, and examinations, implants can last for a lifetime. Although your dental crown, bridge, or denture may need to be replaced over time, the implants will remain securely embedded and continue to provide a durable base. 

Learn More during a Consultation

The numerous benefits of dental implants make this a superior treatment option for the majority of our patients who are missing teeth. To learn more about the dental implant procedure, including total treatment cost and your candidacy, schedule a consultation with us today. We look forward to helping you take advantage of this milestone restorative dentistry solution. Don't wait any longer to begin experiencing the vast benefits of fully restored smile.

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