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Smiling elderly woman in orange scarf resting cheek in handTooth loss isn’t a temporary issue that patients forget about years after treatment. Adult human teeth were meant to last a lifetime, and given the importance of their duties (for example, processing nutrients, enunciating words, and supporting facial structures), tooth loss has serious and long-lasting effects on a patient’s quality of life. When replacing lost teeth, the durability of a dental prosthetic and the success of its placement, especially dental implants, can determine the long-term cost of continuing dental care. At our Montgomery oral surgeons’ office, we provide high-quality teeth replacement through dental implant surgery and our surgical expertise can help ensure the lifelong success of your new smile.

How Teeth Are Lost

The protective coating around healthy teeth, called tooth enamel, is the most resilient substance that the human body produces. Enamel protects teeth from the rigors of everyday use, and acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria that can cause tooth infection. Nevertheless, teeth are frequently compromised or lost to accidental trauma or severe infections. Some of the more common causes of tooth loss include:

  • Gum disease—a bacterial infection of the soft gingival tissue that surrounds and protects teeth’s roots. When left untreated, gum disease can spread to the jawbone that supports your teeth. Severe gum disease, or periodontitis, is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the United States.
  • Tooth decay—a bacterial infection of a tooth’s main structure. Tooth decay causes cavities—small holes in your teeth—and can infect the nerves and blood vessels at the heart of the tooth (the pulp). If a root canal treatment fails to eradicate the infection, then tooth extraction may be necessary.
  • Accidental trauma—an accidentally-knocked out tooth is hard to prevent, but a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth can often be saved with prompt restorative treatment. If the damage exposes the tooth’s pulp, or if the fracture reaches the tooth’s roots, then the tooth may not survive, and could require extraction and replacement.

How Tooth Loss Affects Your Facial Structures

The immediate, visual effects of lost teeth motivate many tooth loss patients to seek effective replacements. Missing teeth can significantly impact a person’s self-confidence, which may have tangible, negative results in a patient’s personal and professional life. However, the effects of tooth loss extend far beyond what the eye can see. When a tooth is lost, bone cells begin to resorb the surrounding jawbone, distributing its nutrients to other areas of the body. The loss of chewing force can also lead to a reduced blood flow and nutrient supply to your jawbone. Over time, nutrient deficiency leads to jawbone deterioration and facial collapse (the shrunken-jaw look that afflicts long-term tooth loss patients). Left unchecked, the deterioration can inhibit the jawbone’s ability to support remaining teeth, and further tooth loss may occur.

How Dental Implants Preserve Your Smile – and More

If you wear dentures, then you may have experienced the consequences of jawbone deterioration in the form of loose dentures. As your dental ridge shrinks along with the jawbone, the denture that once hugged your gums tightly will become loose and ill-fitting. As a result, conventional dentures require routine readjustments, and sometimes replacement. Dental implants provide many advantages over traditional replacement teeth by restoring the roots of lost teeth, providing a more durable foundation for your dental prosthetic while simultaneously fighting jawbone resorption. With proper care and maintenance, the implanted portion of your dental implant prosthetic can last a lifetime, eliminating the need for repetitive readjustments.

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