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Smiling man with straight, white teeth and curly brown hairUnlike other restorative dental procedures, an oral surgeon is required for effective dental implant surgery. At our Montgomery oral and maxillofacial surgeons’ office, we specialize in all forms of restorative and reconstructive oral surgery, including dental implant placement. Our doctors have undergone at least six additional years of hospital-based surgical and anesthesia training, and are specially equipped to handle any and all issues regarding dental implant placement, including prerequisite surgery to fortify an insufficient jawbone. Aside from an initial consultation, placing one or more dental implants typically requires two steps.

The Evaluation

Though most adults who’ve suffered tooth loss are viable candidates for dental implants, an initial consultation is required to determine the state of a patient’s oral health before dental implant placement is approved. An examination will determine if gum disease or another oral infection is present, or if the jawbone is insufficient to sustain the implant(s). Patients with an existing dental disease will need successful treatment to ensure that the infection doesn’t compromise the success of dental implants. A bone graft, such as a sinus lift or ridge augmentation, can fortify a weak jawbone by increasing its height and/or width for adequate implant support.

Step 1: Dental Implant Surgery

Once remaining teeth and gums are free of disease and the jawbone is deemed strong enough, dental implant surgery can commence. The first stage of implant placement involves surgically inserting the dental implants into the jawbone, underneath the gum line. As oral surgeons, our training sets us apart from local dentist’s office—unlike dentists, we offer general anesthesia and IV sedation to help you sleep through the surgical procedure. After the surgery, the jawbone will heal in 4-6 months, and then the final restoration will be attached to the dental implants.

Step 2: Final Restoration

The second stage of dental implant surgery is attaching replacement teeth to the prosthetic tooth roots. The number of implants placed depends on the amount of teeth lost and the type of dental prosthesis they’ll support. One, two, or several dental implants can support a dental crown (single lost tooth), a bridge (several lost teeth), or a complete denture (total tooth loss on one or both dental ridges).

Dental prostheses are crafted from lifelike porcelain in a trusted dental lab, and are designed to precisely mimic the size, shape, color, and light-reflection properties of natural teeth. In most cases, our patients are referred to us by their dentists, and can return to the dentist’s office to have their dental prosthesis placed once the jawbone heals. In some cases, however, we can attach the final restoration in our office.

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