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Surgical treatment can help correct a wide range of functional issues concerning the jaw, including a bone graft to strengthen a weak jawbone or reconstructive surgery to treat facial trauma. With extensive knowledge, training, and experience in all forms of jaw surgery, our team of Montgomery oral and maxillofacial surgeons is equipped to handle the most complex issues regarding your bite’s symmetry and balance. Like all bones, upper and lower jawbones grow gradually. Sometimes, they may grow at different rates and negatively affect chewing, speech, immediate and long-term oral health, and facial appearance. In response to the imbalance, teeth may also become improperly aligned, complicating the condition. To restore a proper balance, your oral surgeon or orthodontist may recommend orthognathic surgery—a combination of treatments across dental specialties designed to straighten your teeth, jawbones, and mouth’s overall function.

A Patient Discusses Her Maxillofacial Surgery

A patient discusses her experience receiving care from our doctors. She touches on the ways that her maxillofacial surgery improved her TMJ disorder symptoms, as well as her satisfaction in her appearance. Enlarge Video View All Videos

Finding the Right Balance

When the upper and/or lower jaws are not positioned correctly, a patient’s bite is off-balance, which can relate to a host of other dental issues, as well. Teeth, jawbone, TMJs (jaw joints), and jaw muscles work in tandem to operate the mouth. To minimize wear and tear on your mouth’s components, all of your bite’s elements must align correctly to move smoothly and displace bite pressure. If your jaws aren’t straight, then correcting their symmetry may require jaw surgery. When crooked teeth accompany misaligned jaws, then jaw surgery alone may not suffice to restore your entire mouth’s balance.

Dr. Kean Discusses Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Kean discusses orthognathic, or jaw, surgery. He touches on candidates for the procedure, what it generally entails, and the planning and healing phases of treatment. Enlarge Video View All Videos

What Is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthodontics is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of issues regarding the position and alignment of teeth. Orthognathic surgery is a collaborative effort between you, your oral surgeon, orthodontist, and general dentist. When teeth alone are crooked, then orthodontic treatment, such as braces, can move them into more desirable positions to improve bite function. However, when crooked teeth are the result, or the companion, of jaw misalignment, then your orthodontist will consult with you and your oral surgeon to devise an appropriate treatment plan combining jaw surgery and orthodontics, or orthognathic surgery (in Greek, “orthos” means “straight,” and “gnathos” means “jaw”).

Patient Education Is Key

Side view MRI of head and neck with lower jawbone highlighted in redAt Oral and Maxillofacial Associates, we’ll walk you through every portion of your diagnosis and surgical procedure. Using X-rays and computer-generated, 3D video imaging, we’ll show you the current state of your jaw, how surgery will improve its alignment and symmetry, and an idea of how you’ll look after the procedure.

During surgery, we’ll administer IV sedation and anesthesia to let you sleep. In most cases, small plates and screws will be used to hold the jawbone(s) in the proper position. Known as “rigid fixation,” this technique allows for faster, more comfortable healing than conventional wires. Once the jawbone heals, the orthodontist will implement orthodontic treatment to align teeth with the jaws’ new positions.

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